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Get access to real mining without any investment. Just play our Wheel of Gold game and win cloud mining power free of cost.

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To get started just follow our simple steps and generate passive mining every minute without any investment.

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Supported currencies

Check out our supported currencies for mining free of cost.

Bitcoin 43.1 PH/s
Ethereum Classic 20.0 GH/s
Ethereum 120.1 GH/s
Startcoin 28.6 kH/s
Litecoin 2.7 GH/s
Monero 44.6 MH/s
Vertcoin 1.6 MH/s
Infinitecoin 184.1 kH/s
Salus 6.2 MH/s
PrimeCoin 12.1 MH/s
Dash 198.8 kH/s
Shadow 13.5 MH/s

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Control your mining farm from your mobile devices too.